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Embellishing your Bodysuit with Stretch Appliqué

Appliqué techniques for spandex from cosplay by McCall's

Now we get to the fun bit: decorating your bodysuit to bring your character to life. Appliqué, either standard or reverse, is a popular way to add color and texture details. A standard appliqué is simply cut to the desired shape and sewn on top of the fabric, while a reverse appliqué is sewn with the detail fabric underneath the base fabric, which is then cut away. You can also appliqué in layers, mixing the techniques as needed for multi-colored designs.

There are several tricks for getting good appliqué results on stretch fabrics, so let’s take a look!

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Bodysuit Sewalong: Seam Details, Pattern Layout, and Cutting

M7217 cut out in yellow and green matte milliskin

One of the great things about the M7217 bodysuit pattern is the number of seams, which give you lots of options for adjusting the fit. But if you’re trying to accurately replicate a character’s look, you may find that you want to add even more seams or move some of them around. Once you’ve finished making style changes, you’ll be ready to lay out the pattern and cut into your fabric!

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Bodysuit Sewalong: Measuring and Fitting Your Pattern

M7217 Sewalong: Choosing a size and fitting your pattern

Hi everybody! Today’s sewalong topic is choosing your size and fitting the pattern, which is an essential step before you cut into your fabric. Stretch knit fabrics do take some of the pressure off when it comes to fitting, since the stretch accommodates a wider range of sizes than a non-stretch fabric would, but it’s still important to measure your pattern before you begin to avoid any surprises.

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