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Bodysuit Sewalong: A Guide to Spandex

Blue milliskin spandex

Today we’re talking about fabrics! You have a lot of choices for making your bodysuit, depending on what look you need for your chosen cosplay. Most or all of them will include some fraction of spandex, a rubbery fiber that can stretch to three times its length, blended with another material like nylon or polyester. Spandex fabrics are available to suit any number of styles, with shiny, glossy, matte, metallic, glittery, or holographic finishes. You can find prints, sequins, embossing, cutouts, and distressed effects too. Pick a lightweight spandex for easy wear, or a heavier weight for more coverage, depending on what’s most comfortable for you. Let’s take a tour of the options!

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How to create beautiful ruffles

How to create beautiful ruffles with a serger

Ruffles are an essential part of many cosplays. They are also super girly and fun to make, and today I’m going to talk about how you can make full, luxurious-looking ruffles for your projects. There are a few ways to do this with a standard sewing machine, which I’ll go over, but I’m most excited to share with you my method for creating beautiful, pain-free ruffles with a serger.

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Using boning in your costumes: Part 2

Boning channels in the front panels of a garment

Hello all! Earlier this week I provided you with an introduction to the various types of boning and how to prepare them for use in your cosplay. Now that you have your boning nicely cut, filed, and tipped, you might be wondering just what to do with it! In today’s article I will be discussing placement options for your boning channels as well as a few of the most common options for creating the channels. Listed at the end of the article are some online retailers who sell the materials mentioned in this week’s articles. Let’s get sewing!

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