New York Comic Con: highlights and panel recap

new york comic con entrance

Another New York Comic Con has come and gone. As always, we were delighted and energized by all the amazing costumes! Some of our favorites are below, as well as a recap of our Saturday panel. For even more inspiration, check out the video recap here!


Left to right: Sarah Foss as Merida (she used M6817 to create her costume); Superman is @pjmirra; Princess Hilda is @savannahmazng; Dr. Strange and Daenerys created by Sabrina Khan.

Khepera Cosplay handmade the costume including hand-sculpted accessories; @kelseyesilver used M6819 to make her flareon; Rose Quartz used M7213 for her skirt; Sansa used M6940 for her gown

Khepera Cosplay hand-made her entire costume including the sculpted Worbla accessories; Gambit is @maggzycosplay@kelseyesilver used M6819 to make her flareon; Rose Quartz used M7213 for her skirt; Sansa used M6940 for her gown


If you see yourself, let us know and we’ll update the info.

Some of the McCall booth team. The green theme was accidental!

Some of the booth team. The green theme was totally accidental!

On Saturday, we participated in the Cosplay: Let’s Get Serious panel. The panelists were Kathy and Gillian from Cosplay by McCall’s, Carrie Wood and Mark Huesman of The Overstreet Guide to Cosplay, and cosplayer Becka Noel. Panel photos by Chris Gill.

panelists for cosplay - let's get serious

Panelists Kathy Wiktor, Gillian Conahan, Mark Huesman, Becka Noel, and Carrie Wood.

Here are some of the key tips and takeaways from the panel:

  • Adding detail (quilting, trims, beading, embroidery, or other embellishment) is a great way to bring a costume to life, and to make it your own.
  • When picking fabrics, try to think about what will make the costume look real. Often this means mixing textures and combining different materials. What would this character actually have access to if they were a real person?
  • Shop for fabric online if you don’t have good local options – you can order swatches first if you’re not sure about color or drape. It’s especially important to get swatches if you’re having fabric custom printed.

Carrie Wood from the Overstreet Guide to Cosplay

  • Many cosplayers have a few patterns that they use over and over. If you have something that really fits and works for you, it’s easy to adapt it to create totally different looks. Carrie noted that she’s often used the same pattern for multiple costumes, and you’d never be able to tell by looking at them.
  • Making costumes takes time. You’ll probably spend more time making the costume than wearing it, so do it because you enjoy the process in addition to wearing the results.
  • But you don’t have to make every single costume you wear! We’re all busy people with other things going on in our lives. Don’t feel bad about buying certain pieces, and think about trading time, resources, and labor with friends if you can’t make a particular costume happen on your own.


  • Some cosplayers are meticulous planners, while others prefer to wing it. Mark likes to work with patterns digitally and change things a fraction of an inch at a time. Kathy likes to dive right in and fit things on her body as she goes. Both methods can create great costumes!

  • Mistakes happen to everybody. The important thing is to not get discouraged, and think about what needs to happen to fix it. Sometimes you may need to remake a piece or think about something in a different way, but rarely will a whole costume end up unsalvageable. If you need to re-cut a piece but don’t have enough fabric, sometimes you can save it with creative piecing.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to do things! You need time to source materials, make mock-ups, rework things that aren’t doing what you expected.
Panelists and audience group photo

Carrie Wood and Becka Noel with some of the cosplayers who attended the panel. Photo by Chris Gill.

After the panel, we gathered some of the cosplayers in the audience and our panelists outside for a group photo. Everyone looked fabulous!

cosplay by mccalls

On Saturday afternoon, Becka Noel and Joshua Hart joined us in our booth. They both do spectacular work, and we had a great time chatting about cosplay and sewing with them.

Joshua with Jodie from the McCall team

Joshua Hart with Jodie from the McCall’s team. Joshua is wearing his Gentleman Opal costume. Jodie used M7455 to create her panda fairy costume.

Becka Noel

Becka Noel is known for her armor crafting. So cool to see her Wonder Woman in person!

Thanks to everyone who visited the booth and showed off your costumes! If we missed you, don’t forget you can also send your cosplay photos in to our fan gallery. Until next time!

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