Cosplay Panel Report: San Diego

Cosplay-Lets get serious panelists and audience from SDCC 2016 - photo by Some of the cosplayers in the audience for the Cosplay: Let’s Get Serious panel were nice enough to stick around for a group photo with our panelists! Picture by Lawrence Brenner

Some of the cosplayers at the Cosplay: Let’s Get Serious panel were nice enough to stick around for a group photo with our panelists! Thanks, everyone. Picture by Lawrence Brenner.

Wow! We’re back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego Comic Con, where we participated in the “Cosplay: Let’s Get Serious” panel with Kelly Cercone (Designer of Anachronism in Action and creator of the Shapeshifter and Laced patterns for Cosplay by McCalls) as well as Carrie Wood and Mark Huesman from the Overstreet Guide to Cosplay. The panel was moderated by Ed Catto.

Kathy and Gillian from McCall with Carrie from Overstreet

Kathy and Gillian from McCall with Carrie from Overstreet

This was our first time at SDCC, and although it boasts similar attendance numbers to New York Comic Con (depending on who you ask,) it’s spread out over a larger area, so it feels like a whole self-contained world of nerdy goodness. We were only there for one day, but we managed to take in a good bit of the main show floor, had close encounters with comics legends, and of course saw lots of spectacular cosplay.

There was a great turnout for the panel, with some really impressive costumes in the audience. Sitting around chatting about cosplay is always a good time, but looking out at all the skill and ingenuity on display really completed the experience. Thank you, everyone!

Part of the audience for our Cosplay - let's get serious panel

Part of the audience for our Cosplay: Let’s get serious panel

Discussion topics included how to travel with your cosplay, tips on embellishment and weathering, and staying comfortable in costume. During the Q&A session at the end we talked about costume care and cleaning as well as how to get started with sewing for cosplay. After the panel our panelists and some of the audience stuck around for a group photo and more cosplay shop talk!

I based my costume on Kelly’s “Laced” overbust corset pattern, with a slightly different shape at the upper and lower edges and additional off-shoulder straps. The corset is made from interfaced cotton sateen with poly satin details, and I embellished the side front panels with hand embroidery. I also made the cape, leggings, and the headpiece, which contains a mixture of seed beads and glass crystals strung on beading wire. I had a little over a month to pull it together, so I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

With only one day to take it all in, we felt like we barely got a taste of what SDCC had to offer. Were you there? What were your personal highlights?

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