Tutorial: make a bouquet to go with your gothic gown

DIY goth bridal bouquet tutorial

Belle Noir and Belle Rogue patterns by Ichigo Black available from Cosplay by McCall’s

If you’re making a gothic gown for your themed wedding, cosplay, or alternative fashion event, you need the right accessories to finish it off. And what could be more appropriate than a matching bouquet? All you need are a few silk flowers and some basic supplies, and you’ll have a gorgeous lasting memento of the occasion. Read on to see how you can create your very own customized floral accessory.

Red bouquet - tutorial from Cosplay by McCallsFashion editor James Bosco developed these two bouquets based on the color palettes in our two gown designs: Belle Noir in burgundy and black and Belle Rogue in red and black. Both are in the ”round bouquet” style.

Sahara dry floral foam bouquet holder

Sahara dry floral foam bouquet holder

Start with a dry floral foam bouquet holder. You can find these in most craft stores with the handle pre-attached. You will also need enough silk flowers to cover the holder, plus something to fill the small gaps between the flowers. For the Belle Noir bouquet, James used black feathers. For Belle Rogue, he used smaller black flowers. The flowers can be found in your local craft store, or ordered online for greater variety.

Before you begin to create your bouquet, trim the ends of your silk flowers with wire cutters. (Available at hardware or fabric/craft stores.) If your flowers have leaves, you should clip those off and save them for later.

Start your bouquet with the main or largest flower and place that near the middle of the bouquet holder. Just stick the stem directly in the foam. Continue adding your flowers to the foam.

Now fill in the spots between the flowers with smaller flowers, greenery, or accents. To make sure the smaller stems stay put in the foam, dip them in some white glue before inserting them. Fill in any bare spots all around the bouquet with the leaves you saved from the trimmed flowers. Again, dip the ends of the leaves in glue to make them more secure.

Glue the ribbon to the bouquet handle before wrapping - gothic bridal bouquet tutorial at cosplay by mccalls

To finish off the holder, use ribbon that coordinates with your bouquet. We used black for both of ours. Starting at the bottom of your bouquet holder, hot glue the end of your ribbon to the holder and let it cool. Then wrap the ribbon up the length of the holder, keeping it smooth and taut, and hot glue the top of the ribbon in place. Trim away any extra.

Creating a ribbon-wrapped gothic bouquet - from Cosplay by McCalls

For a finishing touch, tie another piece of ribbon around the holder, glue in place, and tie a bow. Let the remaining ribbon flow down the holder, and if necessary trim the ends into decorative points to prevent fraying.

bouquet tutorial at cosplay by mccalls

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  • Peggy Garretson

    I will use a bouquet holder for my crafts. Perfect for silk flowers. I love your patterns and have ordered many. Looking forward to seeing many more designs.

    Best Regards to all your designers,

    Peggy Garretson

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