New Corset Patterns from Anachronism in Action

Shapeshifter and Laced corset sewing patterns from Cosplay by McCall's and Anachronism in Action

We love a good corset pattern! Today we’re thrilled to announce two new corset patterns from Anachronism in Action, available exclusively from Cosplay by McCall’s. The SHAPESHIFTER underbust corsets have two different construction options, with bonus tips on working with sequin fabrics. The LACED overbust corset package includes information on creating the lace appliqué embellishments. And you can enter for a chance to win both patterns, plus the other three Cosplay by McCall’s patterns, plus a NEW SEWING MACHINE here!

Anachronism in Action patterns are the creation of designer Kelly Cercone, a celebrated freelance costumer based in Los Angeles. A lover of drama, mischief and rich colors, she can be found sewing and pattern drafting for television, film, theater, music tours and local fashion companies in addition to her own brand. To celebrate the launch of these designs, and help you get to know the designer, we asked her a few questions about her background, inspirations, and favorite techniques.

Lady Loki by Anachronism in Action, photo by Eric Anderson

Lady Loki – photo by Eric Anderson

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done?

Lady Loki – Definitely one of my favorite characters, and one of my favorite cosplays. I keep improving and adding pieces for different occasions. Most of my favorite characters to cosplay are mischievous, or at least a little sassy :)

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

How and where did you learn to sew? Did sewing or cosplay come first?

Sewing definitely; I didn’t hear about cosplay until much later but I started sewing when I was really young. I would say I learned the basics from my mother, and then in maybe junior high started taking sewing classes at a local sewing machine store. My Waldorf high school had a quite a few sewing and crafting classes, which I took as often as they were offered.

When did you first get interested in cosplay? What was the first cosplay you made?

I made a few generic fantasy and Lord of the Rings inspired costumes when I was in high school, but I would have to say my first official cosplay was Poison Ivy.

Where did you learn your corsetmaking skills?

The internet? No joke, I am pretty sure I learned from the then-active corsetmaking community on Livejournal, since there certainly wasn’t anyone local to me. It’s nice to see that the same culture of sharing and learning online is thriving in cosplay. I still frequently learn new things from looking at tutorials on people’s pages and channels.

Jack costume by Anachronism in Action


What inspires you?

Jack costume textile detail by Anachronism in Action

Jack costume detail

I’m really obsessed with fabric; probably 80% of the time my design is actually based on the fabric and what I can do with it. Textile manipulation is one of my favorite things.

To get just the right fabric for my Jack (The Plucker) cosplay, I started with a black and white stretch satin, splattered it with bleach, dyed it light tan, and then very messily hand painted over the stripes. Rips were added and backed with mesh (invisible when worn) and the decorative red stitches added.

I have always loved shot/ changeable silks and using bias as trim. For Lady Loki I really got to play around with both of those by weaving them to create a checkered effect. The bias was also malleable enough to manipulate into a snake (jormungand).

1840 Lampas gown by Anachronism in Action

1840 Lampas gown

What was your most labor-intensive project?
1840 corset by Anachronism in Action

1840 corset

Oh, I don’t even know how to answer that question. *probably* Lady Loki, but that is several pieces I’ve been building and adding onto over maybe 2.5 years now. If we are going by single most time consuming then probably my 1840s (Romantic era) Lampas ballgown. For that dress I made all of the undergarments (combination underwear, corset, cage crinoline, two petticoats), and then for the dress itself I made 100+ yards of embroidered piping and hand-knotted multi-color fringe.

Why do you think cosplay is becoming so popular?

I think accessibility is a big part of it. People have been cosplaying for decades but now there is more info, better and easier to find materials, more occasions to wear and enjoy cosplay. Also “geek culture” going somewhat mainstream with superhero movies and whatnot has definitely made a big difference. More people than ever are being exposed to these amazing characters, and feeling inspired to cosplay as them.

Dress inspired by the Joker and Dior’s New Look, created by Anachronism in Action, as seen in the Her Universe fashion show at SDCC 2015

The Joker, inspired by Dior’s New Look, as seen in the Her Universe fashion show at SDCC 2015.

Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker costume by Anachronism in Action - photo by Peter Roig Photography

Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker, photo by Peter Roig Photography

Art Nouveau Sailor Moon costume by Anachronism in Action - photo by Eric Anderson

Art Nouveau Sailor Moon, photo by Eric Anderson

Thanks for chatting with us, Kelly! The new patterns are available now at Cosplay by McCall’sAnd don’t forget to enter the giveaway here! (Giveaway now closed)


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  • Lynne Armstrong

    I’m sorry I entered your contest I’m from Canada. I didn’t see that until after I entered so I’m sorry for the trouble. But I love the site and I love the patterns you’re coming up with and I hope you won’t kick me off your site for this oversight. Thank you again Lynne

  • Loved the interview & costumes; so inspiring. The new corset patterns are a super addition to the McCall’s Cosplay catalog. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi from Australia. I’m a sewer kind of “forced” into making costumes for my teens and adult kids who have a party business. I’m self-taught so not a professional by any stretch. I’m wondering if you’re going to have more “mainstream” cosplay patterns .. i.e. batman, supergirl, etc. etc. Probably poor examples as supergirl was an easy one to make but you get my drift I hope. Just had to pay 400.00 AUD for an Arrow costume for my 22 y-old to wear to a charity event for the Royal Children’s Hospital because I had no idea where to start! Help! and thanks.

    • We’re aiming to cover a variety of genres, so hopefully some of the pieces we have coming up will be of use to you. We have some bodysuits and things already on the site that you could adapt to make a variety of characters. Beyond that, if you have specific items you’re looking for we’re happy to pass ideas along to the team!

  • Very good article! We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  • I am very excited to see these two new corset patterns – exquisite! Just ordered mine, the ‘lace’.

  • oh dear: ” ALL COSPLAYERS!” – that is… if you’re in the US. :-(

  • The Lady Loki is just astonishing! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for the patterns and sharing cool info about you.

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